Hotel rules and regulations

Terms and Conditions

Khalkhal wooden palace

Reservation rules
• Room delivery time is 14 hours. If the guest visits the hotel from 7 am to 2 pm, 50% of the cost will be charged for one night, and check-in before 7 am includes a full charge.
• Room evacuation is 12 o’clock. If the guest extends his stay from 12:00 to 18:00, 50% of the cost of one night will be calculated. Check-out after the announced hour includes a full charge.
• The booker is required to enter the exact date of his booking and the stay is longer than 10 nights with the approval and coordination of the hotel. It should be noted that changing the date includes cancellation fees in the time period.
• Reservation is valid only if you pay the full amount for the requested number of nights and obtain a tracking ID from the site. It is emphasized that the confirmation of the guest reservation is subject to obtaining a tracking code by the system, this code will be announced to the guest when the deposit process is finalized and the reservation will be finalized after full payment.
• The price criterion in the system will be based on the rate displayed on the site at the time of booking and may vary at different times.
The announced rate according to the official approval of the hoteliers union includes the base price of the room, breakfast, 15% service, 9% tax and legal fees.
• Free breakfast in the form of a buffet in the restaurant is prepared for the esteemed guests. If the guest wishes to have breakfast in the room, it will be done through the room service with a charge.
• Other expenses such as half charge entry and exit, restaurant, extension of stay, etc. will be settled in cash (Rials, dollars and Euros) according to the current tariff in the hotel.
It should be noted that it is not possible to accept credit cards, including Visa Master, etc.
• It is not possible to change the name for the registered reservation and the room will be delivered only to the person whose name the reservation is.
• The minimum age to get a room is 18 years old. If the booker is younger, the booking will be canceled and the fee will not be refunded.
It should be noted that the maximum capacity of hotel rooms, including an extra bed, is 3 adults.
• Admission for infants up to 3 years old is free, between 3 to 8 years old (without extra bed or with extra bed) is 1,250,000 Rials and the cost for an extra person over 8 years old is 2,500,000 Rials.
• The booking recipient accepts all of the above regarding the hotel booking terms and conditions.
• The booker has read and is aware of the booking cancellation rules.
• If you do not follow the rules on the site, the hotel will not be responsible for refunds.
• Other laws are in accordance with the law of hotel reservation in the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization and related authorities.
• Other online reservation rules are in accordance with the Electronic Commerce Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
• Attention of those who disturb or disrupt the reservation system in any way, including making multiple temporary reservations or telephone calls, etc., based on the e-commerce law and the FATA police agency, serious action has been taken and the judiciary should be prosecuted. Will be referred.
Cancellation terms:
• The cancellation must be notified by sending a cancellation request to the same email address as when booking.
• There is no penalty for canceling booked rooms up to 72 hours before the arrival of the guest.
• The penalty for canceling reserved rooms is 15% 48 hours before arrival, 30% 24 hours before guest arrival, and 50% overnight on booked rooms.
• Penalties for booked rooms In case of not requesting cancellation of the reservation and not visiting the guests in the rooms, the equivalent of one night to the number and type of rooms requested, the total cost will be credited to the guest account.
• Reduction of reserved rooms will also be subject to the above regulations and penalties.
• If the cancellation of the reservation includes the terms of the refund, the deposit amount will be refunded within seven business days with the coordination of the financial unit. Contact number 25-29115224-021
Hotel internal rules:
• Documents required by Iranian guests for admission: Original ID card, original passport or original national card. Organic cards, certificates, end-of-service cards, etc. are unacceptable.
• The document required for the reception of foreign guests is the original passport along with the visa and the seal of entry into Iran with a validity and expiration date.
• It should be noted that in order to accept Iranian couples, one of the couples must have an identity card. Admission of the second person with a national card or passport is unrestricted.
• The letter must have the prominent seal of the judiciary and only the seal of the contracting house office alone is not acceptable.
• In case of presenting a letter, the wife must have an identity card with the details of divorce or death on the second page, otherwise it will be delivered in the room with only the explanation and permission of the father-in-law. It is not necessary to have a birth certificate for a gentleman. A national card or passport is also acceptable.
• According to the hotel rules, in case of defective identification and non-authentication documents, it is not possible to accept and the paid fee will not be refunded.
Facilities such as a sports club in the hotel are free for the convenience of guests. The use of sports clubs is allowed for people 15 years and older.
• – It is not possible to hold meetings in rooms and suites, and if you want to hold, you must refer to the hotel sales and marketing unit.
• -All guests are required to observe Islamic etiquette and the internal laws of the hotel.
• If the guest damages the hotel property, the hotel is responsible for estimating the cost and the guest is required to pay an expert fee.