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To Khalkhal wooden palace

This palace has facilities such as wooden suites, restaurant, coffee shop, fast food, pavilions for traditional hookah, etc. with the highest quality level of service and offering traditional, Iranian, foreign food, fast food, hookah and professional staff and Experienced has brought happy and memorable days for you dear guests. Comfort and tranquility of guests The most important mission of the tourist complex of Befra Wooden Palace is defined.

Befra Wooden Palace is an allegory of the land of dreams, in which art is intertwined with nature and the pleasant music of water creates endless peace for the human body and soul. Aznav Khalkhal Wooden Palace Tourism and Recreation Complex is located in a traditional and unique environment with a special and unique design in the pleasant climate of the lost paradise of Iran (Khalkhal) by providing recreational, welfare and tourism facilities.



سوئیت های قصر چوبی خلخال

Wood is the most important element used in the tourism complex of Befra Wooden Palace, which shows peace, beauty, silence, monotony, tenderness and tranquility. The wooden huts of this complex are environmentally friendly and full of purity, and in their design, unique traditional elements have been used, which are reminiscent of the originality of the complex.

  • Special downstairs suite
  • Special upstairs suite
  • Typical suite downstairs
  • Typical suite upstairs


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Experience heaven!

Bafra Khalkhal wooden palace is a real dream in the heart of mountains, forests and nature


رستوران، کافی شاپ، فست فود و آلاچیق